Harrison's Flowers

Rated NR

A gritty film that wins for its mercilessly real depiction of journalists documenting the horrors of war and ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia in the early '90s, but then loses points for botched last-minute editing and 11th-hour voiceovers that are so out of place they're comical. Writer-director Elie Chouraqui’s screenplay does deserve major credit for letting the viewer first get to know the husband-father-journalist (David Strathairn) for whom Andie MacDowell will eventually brave the warzone to track down. But the film should have retained that level of focus and been an hour longer; instead it becomes a montage of horrific photographs. While that may have been the intention of Isabel Ellsen, who wrote the book on which this movie is based, no film should sacrifice its plot for its realism. Everyone who has ever griped over a parking ticket should see this film, but prepare to be a little forgiving.

Film Credits

Director: Elie Chouraqui

Cast: Andie MacDowell, David Strathairn, Adrien Brody and Elias Koteas

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