Halloween: Resurrection

Rated NR

Of the ’80s slasher-flick franchises, the best (i.e. my favorite) was the Halloween series, mostly because John Carpenter’s harrowing 1978 original was so artfully artless, and Jamie Lee Curtis was so darn cute as the teen-age babysitter. Curtis is back in the eighth installation of the series, as she was in its predecessor, 1998’s Halloween: H20. But most of the attention is paid to rapper Busta Rhymes (an increasingly busy actor) as an Internet entrepreneur and luscious supermodel Tyra Banks as his assistant. They combine elements of Big Brother and The Blair Witch Project in a Web-based reality show that sends college students (aka handy victims) to explore the house where serial killer Michael Myers grew up. If you expect this hackneyed movie to fare any better than those college students, you’re sadly mistaken. Strictly for horror junkies only.

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