Rated R 94 minutes 2012

The coming-of-age flick Goats is a tepid exercise that gets bogged down in the peculiarities of its supporting players and delivers no concrete resolution for its central character. The goats belong to Javier (David Duchovny), kind of a spiritual shaman to Ellis (Graham Phillips), a teenager about to embark on his first big grown-up adventure. He’s attending prep school on the East Coast, and manhood—as decades of fiction and nonfiction inform us—will soon follow. But it’s Ellis’ story, so much as it is a story, so why is this thing called Goats? And why are they in the movie so much? Hard to say, other than the adaptation from Mark Poirier’s novel may have cut out too much context. Goats was filmed in Tucson, so that’s a nice shot in the arm, but that’s really the only thing to get excited about.

Film Credits

Director: Christopher Neil

Producer: Daniela Lundberg, Shannon Lail, Eric Kopeloff, Daniel Crown, Riva Marker, Richard Arlook, Eva Daniels, Peter Fruchtman, Juan Segura, Michael Saunders, Jai Stefan, Peter Touche and Todd Traina

Cast: David Duchovny, Vera Farmiga, Graham Phillips, Ty Burrell, Justin Kirk, Keri Russell, Anthony Anderson, Dakota Johnson, Adelaide Kane and Nicholas Lobue


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