Go for Zucker!

Rated NR

The titular Zucker is a down-on-his-luck gambler who’s about to get a big break. Well, two big breaks, actually: If he can only raise the 5,000 euros needed to enter an international pool competition, he’s sure to walk away with the 100,000 euro prize! And his mother just died, leaving him an inheritance, but only if he sits shiva for seven days with his estranged brother while a rabbi witnesses them reconciling. Yes! It’s two sitcom plots for the price of one. Only Go for Zucker also includes a half-dozen other sitcom-style plot contrivances, so it actually gives you eight sitcom plots for the price of one. While it’s not the funniest comedy I’ve seen this year (that would be Scott McClellan Tries to Explain It All to You), it’s not the worst either. On a scale of “ech” to “mmm!” I’d give it a “meh.”

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