Rated NR 90 minutes 2013

First strike: The title of this documentary is unforgivable. Second strike: Using your kids as props and scaring the bejesus out of them. This is the debut feature of Jeremy Seifert, a concerned father of three young children. He’s worried that they’re growing up in a world infested with genetically modified organisms by who else? That big, bad boogeyman, Monsanto. Seifert brings his wife and kids on the road as he interviews farmers on both sides of the fence when it comes to organic vs. chemically enhanced farming. He also makes a few stops with his kids in front of fast food joints and supermarkets while they hold up protest signs in front of them. He takes them through an innocent run through a cornfield - while they’re dressed up in full chemical gear. Third strike: Aping Morgan Spurlock while asking loaded questions. You’re preaching to the choir, Seifert. You’re out!

Film Credits

Director: Jeremy Seifert

Producer: Jill Latiano, Elizabeth Kucinich, Joshua Kunau and Jeremy Seifert


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