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No film of recent memory has received lousier advance publicity than the first team up of Ben Affleck and J. Lo. Having sat through their silly little movie, I can honestly say that while it isn’t good by any means, it isn’t all that bad either. Affleck plays a criminal type who gets into a kidnapping scam, with Jennifer Lopez becoming somewhat of a partner in crime. Affleck’s Gigli falls for J. Lo., but her character is a lesbian, creating some major Chasing Amy vibes. The film is mostly drab, peppered with a few good moments (cameos by Al Pacino and especially Christopher Walken are entertaining). Much of the last 30 minutes of this two-hour film is quite horrible, and the entire film is afflicted with a terrible, off-putting soundtrack. Overall, the film isn’t all that terrible. It’s just something that need not be seen by anyone, for it is quite the nothing enterprise.

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