Ghost Ship

Rated NR

You know those movies that purely are exercises in special effects wizardry and nothing more, like Bones and Hollow Man? This is one of those movies—or so I thought. While the computer animation of simulated graphics, ghosts and gore are top rate, there is actually a decent plot filled with a twist or two and adequate performances by the B-movie actors to boot, much to my surprise. Gabriel Byrne and the rest of his salvage crew set out on a rescue mission for the legendary Italian ocean liner that suddenly disappeared 40 years ago in the Bering Strait, but end up being the ones in need of a rescue. Once aboard the long lost ship, eerie noises and bloody mutilations multiply while maggots, ghosts and demons come out of the woodwork. Although much of the story is predictable, the scaring tactics are nothing to gasp in horror over. Ron Eldard as the blonde Ken doll from Chips lookalike, the impressive art direction, noteworthy special effects and the existing plot are reasons not to abandon ship so soon

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