Ghost Rider

Rated NR

In order to save his father from death by cancer, young Johnny Blaze sells his soul to the devil. Years later, he turns into Nicolas Cage and has to fight Satan’s son and a bunch of mystical goth-rockers. Meanwhile, his childhood sweetheart can’t find a blouse that’s big enough for her breasts, so she gets a job as a TV reporter. They meet up, and together, they battle evil and search for lost souls and meander their way through this largely incompetent film by Mark Steven Johnson, the man who brought us Daredevil and Elektra. Why he would be allowed to work again after making those two pieces of superpoop is beyond me, but at least Ghost Rider isn’t quite as bad as his earlier work. While it sucks, it does so gently, like a dull breeze made of bad acting, sloppy editing and a plot that was slapped together from a random assortment of clichés, expository sequences and action-movie set pieces.

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