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Have you been to lately? If you haven't, you're missing out on some really ... um, interesting conversations in the comments sections.

Some gems from the last week:

• After Jim Nintzel took to The Range, our daily dispatch, to analyze some of Sarah Palin's statements about John McCain during her Tucson appearance last week, a commenter with the moniker Rick554 chimed in: "McCain's promise to stop working with Dems is a moot point, since Dems quit working with ANYONE else since they seized power. I might just vote for McCain on that promise alone!"

That led to this response from Tedski: "The Dems 'seized power'? Wow. Missed the footage of that coup d'etat."

• Tom Danehy's column last week on drugs (a topic, oh goody, he reprises this week) led to a number of responses, some well-thought-out, and others ... well, like this one from a user named b: "I always used to enjoy your columns. Not that I always agreed with you, but I celebrated your right to your opinions. NOW, you have shown your 'true colors,' your ignorance, your lack of experience, your lack of what really is. ... You seem to need a shot of 'self-esteem,' given the fact that you have never tried THC. You need to further your fragile ego to satisfy 'someone' (sorry, don't know who or why) to make yourself a bona fide, acceptable journalist. ... No one wants to hear you anymore. You are a POSER, and now WE all know it. You never went through the fire, YOU KNOW NOTHING WORTH HEARING ABOUT!"

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