Found Footage Festival

Rated NR

You crazy college kids, with your love of the ironic and people getting hurt, should enjoy the Found Footage Festival, where hosts Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher make fun of the earnest efforts of industrial filmmakers. Featuring horrific safety videos and sad romantic training films, Found Footage has a mean-spirited appreciation for the local actors and underpaid directors who grind out movies meant to help us wax floors and avoid getting our hands chopped off by wood-carving machines. If that kind of thing strikes you as “funny,” you’ll no doubt enjoy the scenes where the McDonald’s employee hears the ghostly voice of good mopping, and where the diligent but dim-witted worker is crushed to death by his own machinery. On the whole, it serves a melancholy commentary on the post-industrial age and its fascination with filming itself.

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