Festival in Cannes

Rated NR

Gruelingly pretentious film about a middle-aged actress (Greta Scacchi) who goes to the Cannes film festival in order to find funding for a script she’s written. Every ridiculous stereotype about movie people is used unselfconsciously in this shockingly unoriginal and undeservedly self-important movie. There’s the fresh young ingénue, the dishonest Hollywood producer, the aging actress looking for one last good role, the disillusioned roué. All that’s missing is Snidely Whiplash tying someone to a railroad track. All this wouldn’t be so annoying if the dialogue wasn’t so incessantly pretentious and the film wasn’t so convinced of its own moral superiority. If you’re a hardcore fan of director Henry Jaglom you might want to check this out, otherwise you’d probably have more fun sticking your tongue to the inside of your freezer while listening to a car alarm going off.

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