Extreme Ops

Rated NR

From mountain biking on rocky death traps and snowboarding inches in front of avalanches to skateboarding on top of moving trains, a bunch of death-defying adrenaline junkies fly to the snow-covered mountain tops of Austria to shoot a commercial, but end up getting shot at themselves. Director Christian Duguay follows the standard formula for creating a hapless cinematic thrill ride by using quick cuts and triple takes with slow motion effects to the sound of fast-paced industrialized techno tunes in an extended music-video fashion. However, the team of writers behind Extreme Ops makes this superficial flick an extreme oops. The dimwitted script—that includes an inconclusive ad campaign that promotes ways to die and an incoherent subplot involving a paranoid bad guy with an itchy trigger finger—only interrupts the intense action sequences and prolongs this never-ending botched project.

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