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While I've found that three hours and twenty-eight minutes is the perfect amount of time for true love to begin, blossom, wither, and die, it's a bit long for a movie. Still, if you're going to see just one three hour and twenty-eight minute movie this week, I'd recommend Eureka, if only 'cause it's so darn purty. Monochromatic cinematography is combined with ambient sounds to create a feeling of sluggish hopelessness in this story of three survivors of a bus hijacking. Even if you hate subtitles (Eureka is in Japanese) you might still enjoy this, as there are long stretches without dialogue, and, in fact, with very little action. More of a moody painting than a film, Eureka could try the patience of action-addicted movie fans. But it's soothing, exacting quality might be a refreshing break from all the riots and cholesterol and Sino-American tensions that modern living throws our way.

Film Credits

Director: Shinji Aoyama

Cast: Koji Yakusho, Aoi Miyazaki, Masaru Miyazaki and Yoichiro Saito

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