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All of you art-loving, overly sentimental tear-jerking bookworms out there better learn to suppress these frivolous sentimentalities or else you’ll become victims to annihilistic government agents in the near future, as is the case in writer/director Kurt Wimmer’s latest sci-fi flick. Christian Bale plays the top ranking Cleric who self-injects an emotion deterring liquid drug in order to serve Father, a ruthless dictator who adamantly believes that feelings directly cause war and chaos. The freedom to feel ceases to exist and any sense offender caught disobeying must be executed immediately. However, once government’s dedicated minion goes cold turkey on his government-enforced narcotics, listens to classical music and falls in love with a known contraband collector, Bale performs highly intense, but highly implausible, gun-wielding martial arts Matrix-style in order to overthrow the suppressive government regime. Although the script of Equilibrium is occasionally off balance with its contradictions, absurdities and excessively violent scenes, the powerful camera shots as well as the sharp and slick look manage to balance the scales.

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