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Jennifer Lopez plays Slim, the you-go-girl married to the man-who-becomes-a-monster-overnight (played by Billy Campbell.) It’s wonderful that Hollywood chose to produce this film, which plows over the more cinematic "stormy relationship" type of development to what wife-beating and stalking really are: life-threatening violence. It’s a shame, however, that the creators couldn’t imagine this woman’s empowerment without implausibly equipping her with an arsenal of cellphones, cars and other devices tantamount to a Deus ex Digita (which is also present, incidentally, in the internet mogul father/benefactor who materializes mid-film and is appropriately named Jupiter). A young mother similarly cut off from all resources couldn’t possibly access the same path in real life. Thankfully the toolbox gets broken down again in time for the climax, which leaves women bounding out of the theater, ready to fight back—and to flee Lopez’s unbearable credit-roll song.

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