Eight Legged Freaks

Rated NR

With a California surfer dude title like Eight Legged Freaks and a headlining actor like signature goofball David Arquette, what more can you expect from a spoof on ’50s sci-fi flicks than this ridiculously campy B-movie. First time writer/director Ellory Elkayem holds nothing back in order to gain reign as King of All Things Cheesy in Hollywood with the comically fake, Buick-sized spiders that destroy an Arizona mining town after a toxic waste spill, the pirate-radio DJ (Doug E. Doug) paranoid of receiving an alien anal probe, the knock-out mom (Kari Wuhrer) who must have conceived when she was nine and the unsuspenseful dialog that includes clichéd lines like "They’re coming," and Don’t go outside alone." Until director Peter Hastings releases The Country Bears, Elkayem can sit high and mighty on his royal throne with this corny creation.

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