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First, it was a wildly popular five-minute stop-motion series called The Magic Roundabout that aired each night before the evening news on the BBC. Now 40 years later, director Butch Hartman has transferred it to CGI for a big-screen adaptation that stretches into an 82-minute running time. Despite the change in format, the fun-spirited and heartwarming attitude is the same. When evil sorcerer Zeebad escapes from jail, he seeks revenge by collecting three magical diamonds that, when combined, will freeze the sun and, therefore, the Earth. The always-energized and sugar-fueled title pooch and his quirky animal friends fight skeletal ninjas and fiery pits of lava to save the world from its icy future. Although the hokey premise and sentimentality will bore those older than the age of 10, the younger age group will find it to be a delight.

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