Domestic Disturbance

Rated NR

Fifty bucks says that the entire cast and crew were just going through the motions with this one. From a clueless police department to a jaundiced-looking Steve Buscemi and a newlywed couple with no spark, this film is more of an embarrassment than it is a suspenseful thriller. A cutesy Teri Polo divorces a sweet, loving and all-around great guy (John Travolta) to tie the knot with a two-faced killer under an assumed name (Vince Vaughn). When her delinquent son claims that he witnessed the new hubbie murder a chain-smoking out-of-towner, no one believes him but dutiful dad. Thus, the faithful father starts a quest to save little Danny Boy by playing Sherlock Holmes without police help, since apparently the cops haven't heard about background checks and logical thinking. This grade-school-quality drivel offers no character development, no intellectual reasoning and no convincing representations, though I can say one good thing about it all: It just made me an easy 50 bucks.

Film Credits

Director: Harold Becker

Cast: John Travolta, vince Vaughn, Teri Polo, Matthew O'Leary and Steve Buscemi

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