Deuces Wild

Rated NR

Armed with their kindergarten quality tattoos, shag carpeted Elvis sideburns, and phony wise guy accents, the Deuces and the Vipers battle it out in this unintentional parody of 1950s gangbanging greasers by Scott Kalvert. Three years ago when a vicious Viper killed a dimwitted Deuce in a drug deal gone bad, the two adversaries have been at each other's throats like in a cheesy Just Say No to Drugs afterschool special and a West Side Story mish-mash. Luckily no one broke into song and dance about when you're a Deuce, you're a Deuce. However, after bearing the sweaty bad boy with a beer belly (Brad Renfro) throwing his cartoon punches in front of the cookie-cutter backdrops, an ex-con (Balthazar Getty) forcing a "you'ze guys" lingo, and everyone's parents being slobbering worthless drunks, a musical number would not have been too out of line.

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