Delta Farce

Rated NR

The crew behind the Blue Collar Comedy Tour clearly has no faith in U.S. foreign policy, as the mocking moviemakers show a trio of dimwits spreading freedom and democracy outside of America. Larry the Cable Guy stars as the lead loser who joins his trailer-park pal (Bill Engvall) and combat-crazed cohort (D.J Qualls) in the U.S. Army Reserve for lazy weekends of beers and ballgames, courtesy of Uncle Sam. However, with the nonexistent supply of soldiers, the militant poseurs get shipped off to Iraq, but unknowingly land in Mexico instead. Thinking a band of Mexican outlaws are the Iraqi insurgents, the clueless comrades fight to bring peace to the rural village with their racist redneck routines. Director C.B. Harding’s terribly unfunny comedy won’t benefit the war effort, and it certainly won’t entertain viewers.

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