Deliver Us From Evil

Rated R 117 minutes 2014

A New York City policeman (Eric Bana) finds himself up against some sort of demon force that managed to come back overseas with some soldiers who were fighting the Iraq War. Apparently, some soldiers on patrol read evil writings in some sort of cave, and that resulted in possession, and the ability to pass that possession along like a virus. The premise is totally stupid, makes little to no sense, and eventually torpedoes the film in a exorcism finale that features the music of The Doors and bad, bad editing. Bana is okay in the central role, and director Scott Derrickson, who scared the crap out of me with Sinister, can create his share of eerie moments. Still, this feels like a hundred movies that came before it, and possessed humans screeching Latin through muddy makeup is more funny than scary. If you are looking for some decent jolts, and you don’t care that a movie doesn’t make a lick of sense, this might be okay for a late night rental. Oh yeah, it’s supposedly based on actual events, which means somebody somewhere in Hollywood is lying their ass off.

Film Credits

Director: Scott Derrickson

Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer, Mike Stenson, Chad Oman, Paul Harris Boardman, Glenn S. Gainor and Ben Waisbren

Cast: Eric Bana, Edgar Ramirez, Olivia Munn, Sean Harris, Joel McHale, Chris Coy, Dorian Missick, Mike Houston, Lulu Wilson, Olivia Horton, Antoinette LaVecchia, Scott Johnsen, Daniel Sauli, Aidan Gemme and Jenna Gavigan


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