Deliver Us From Eva

Rated NR

Selfish and money-grubbing husbands conspire to overthrow the oppressive Eva Regime for a piece of their unsuspecting wives’ family trust fund and to gain full control of the remote in this ultra modern-day version of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew by writer/director Gary Hardwick. Ever since their parents died, Eva (Gabrielle Union) has been the puppeteer to her marionette younger sisters who can’t make a decision without referring to an authoritarian "Eva-ism." This brainwashed behavior has troubled the husbands so much that the testosterone trio hires a smooth-talking ladies man with a chiseled chest for $5,000 to whisk away the meddling minx forever. This deceitful plan backfires, as does Hardwick’s sexist, mean-spirited movie, but luckily the suave and sexy performance of LL Cool J, who plays Mr. Sex Appeal, and the endearing chemistry he builds with Union save the day in a fairytale ending to this adequately entertaining romantic comedy.

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