Date Movie

Rated NR

The makers of the Scary Movie trilogy have switched from spoofing thrillers to romances, but unfortunately, they don’t make transition well. Writer Jason Friedberg and director Aaron Seltzer take memorable moments from a handful of tearjerkers, toss them into the cinematic blender, hit puree and let it all spew onto the big screen. Alyson Hannigan stars as a lonely loser who serves coffee in her father’s restaurant while dreaming of meeting Mr. Right. She gets a street-thug makeover and wins a reality dating show where the grand prize is, of course, the blonde British manboy of her dreams. However, her hummus-spraying father (Eddie Griffin) prohibits the union. Nonetheless, Hannigan’s character follows love’s dreams while defying her father, her new beau’s sexy ex-fiancée and his over-the-top parents (Fred Willard and Jennifer Coolidge). This clichéd story line is tolerable, and the random inserts of cinematic parodies are mildly entertaining, but some of the juvenile attempts at laughs (like feline flatulence and beating up a bum) will make you wish you hadn’t made a date to see this movie.

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