Darkness Falls

Rated NR

Despite its ludicrous plot and team of dimwitted characters, the rookie cast and crew sneak by with a 7 out of a 10 on the Scare-o-meter because of the trusty old horror flick conventions they use. After a lighthouse keeper is wrongfully murdered 150 years ago, she logically returns from the beyond as a sadistic tooth fairy on a vengeance kick and, of course, attacks innocent children in the dark after they lose their last baby tooth. Wouldn’t you? To combat this photophobic phantom, the pint-sized prey thoughtfully hide in bathtubs because of their demon-fighting porcelain capabilities and under bed sheets with anti-apparition lining. OK, so writer Joe Harris is no Charlie Kaufman, but the scare tactics of animalistic growls and howls and the freakish floating demon with a white, blistery face saves the darkness from falling completely on this B-movie horror flick.

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