Daddy Day Camp

Rated NR

This sequel to the 2003 blockbuster Daddy Day Care is a painfully hokey movie that the entire original cast was smart enough to avoid. Cuba Gooding Jr. assumes Eddie Murphy’s former role as a Family Movie Dad who expands on his successful day-care business by purchasing his former childhood camp with a partner. Predictable threats of foreclosure, dwindling enrollment and a rival camp of malcontents cloud their summer days in the film’s Act 2, straight out of Screenwriting 101. But don’t worry: With teamwork, perseverance and excessive flatulence jokes, Camp Driftwood achieves the stereotypical Hollywood Happy Ending. The cherubic-cheeked Fred Savage switches from directing kid-friendly and corny TV shows for Disney and Nickelodeon to helm this kid-friendly and corny film. Let’s hope this franchise doesn’t get a third installment.

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