Crocodile Hunter

Rated NR

He wrestles vicious crocodiles with his bare hands. He rescues orphaned kangaroos. He captures bird-eating venomous spiders. He battles the most poisonous snakes. He conducts informative feces analyses. He repeatedly risks his neck and encounters life-threatening situations around every corner, but finds ample time to pause for an insightful nature commentary right out of World Book Encyclopedia. He is none other than Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter! Sure he has more inflated charisma than Bob Goen and Mary Hart combined, more courage than John Travolta’s casting agent, and better shag-carpet hair than Carrot Top, but you do not need to see an elongated version of his cable TV show with its asinine premise involving gun-wielding cattle ranchers and senseless city slickers in search for the cardinal satellite beacon to prove it. Merely tune into Animal Planet and watch the Aussie’s nonsensical death-defying stunts in your Lazy Boy. So don’t worry Crocodile Dundee, you’re still King of the Outback—on the big screen anyway.

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