Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles

Rated PG

This unnecessary third installment in the Australian-bushman-meets-the-big-bad-city routine stars Paul Hogan as the familiar crocodile hunter. He travels to Los Angeles with his mini Mick Dundee and his wife when she is asked to fill in at Daddy's big-wig newspaper company. Though the city is different this time, the trials with technology are still the same as the naïve Aussie gets lessons in the revolutionary drive-thru invention, the wonders of a coffee enema and a country bar of drag queens. This run-of-the-mill mockery of opposing lifestyles eventually leads Mick to the middle of a lame fine-art smuggling operation at a film studio which he single-handedly must stop in a funhouse-like finale. This stale sequel offers no fresh thoughts or situations, and the only laugh is from a meditation teacher, but this ironic surprise cameo hardly makes this film worthwhile.

Film Credits

Director: Simon Wincer

Cast: Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski, Jonathan Banks, Jere Burns, Paul Rodriguez and Mike Tyson

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