Crazy Horse

Rated NR 134 minutes 2011

Peeling back the curtain (and, obviously, the costumes) to reveal life behind the scenes at one of the world’s most-famous burlesque houses, Crazy Horse can’t quite brings Paris’ famed attraction to life. It’s far too clinical for the subject matter, and the fun is stripped away (that pun is free of charge) as we go through rehearsal after rehearsal after rehearsal. This documentary lacks a clear direction, and the racy dance scenes are interminably long in spots. Frankly, that’s an unpleasant surprise; you’d figure the skin, at the very least, would help pass the time. Crazy Horse would be a lot more grounded if, instead of apparently eavesdropping on the club’s creative team, it threw in some commentary or interviews. As it stands, this looks more like the stuff they cut out of a good documentary about the Crazy Horse.

Film Credits

Director: Frederick Wiseman

Producer: Pierre-Olivier Bardet and Frederick Wiseman

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