Cowboy Bebop

Rated NR

Yet another anime from Japanime, Cowboy Bebop is part of the never-ending wave of Eastern hegemony that has turned our once-glorious West into nothing but a suburb of Tokyo. Inundated as we are by the imperial cultural powers of the Orient, it’s heartening to see that this film references actual elements of our now subordinated culture, including such things as cowboys and bebop. In a future city on Mars, a terrorist is planning to kill everybody, or pretty much everybody, depending on how he feels that day. Luckily, a team of bounty hunters is hot on his trail, and they’re wearing really cool clothing, including overcoats and belly-baring T-shirts with suspenders. Lots of stuff blows up or gets shot or flies really fast, and the pictures are pretty as pictures. If that does it for you, then this will do it for you.

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