Rated PG-13 84 minutes 2012

There’s a good movie and a great idea buried in the stagey muck that clogs up Chronicle, the latest entry in the found-footage craze. A film about three high school kids finding some kind of meteor and absorbing a strange energy that gives them telekinetic superpowers is a magnificent idea. But hampering the movie with the idiotic premise that everything is being filmed by the characters—an attempt for a new twist on the now-tiresome fake-documentary gimmick—is a terrible mistake. There are moments of brilliance, making this a near-miss; the found-footage gimmick is so tired and strained that it kills the film. That said, the finale is a real winner. Sneak in for the last 15 minutes.

Film Credits

Director: Josh Trank

Producer: John Davis, Adam Schroeder and James Dodson

Cast: Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell, Michael B. Jordan, Michael Kelly, Ashley Hinshaw, Bo Petersen, Anna Wood, Rudi Malcolm, Luke Tyler, Crystal Roberts, Adrian Collins, Grant Powell, Armand Aucamp and Nicole Bailey


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