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Re: “Prezelski

SB 1064 was an attempt to protect the First Amendment, which is being perverted by those who want to make Christianity illegal. The gay movement is supported by far-left groups and atheists in order to shred the Constitution and ultimately to make of the United States a third world dictatorship. The primary impetus of the gay movement is to marginalize, persecute and eventually criminalize Christians. Gay activists, with the help of far-left radicals in the media and the universities, are creating special laws that give them the right to persecute those who disagree with them, whether it be television shows and movies that brand Christians as haters, or purposely taunting Christian businesses to support homosexual practices or be sued. The media never publicizes the violent assaults by gays in San Francisco against Christians and churches, but tries to convince us that Christians are persecuting gay people and hate them, which is all propaganda and lies, with the exception of the so-called Westboro Baptist Church, which is not really Christian in character, but is always used by gays to characterize all Christians. The fact remains that SB 1064 was not discriminatory, but a protection of First Amendment rights to live a Christian life.

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Posted by Chris Cecil on 03/20/2014 at 11:28 AM

Re: “Jon Stewart on the "No Cake for Gays" Bill

We now have elevated lust to a civil right, which has never been supported by the U.S. Constitution. Since civil rights are being perverted, business owners should be allowed not to participate in that abridgement of the Constitution, especially when their legitimate right to live according to the dictates of their conscience is protected by the First Amendment. The culture has been so desensitized to the destructive nature of lust, that any suggestion of restraint or modesty is met with epithets of "bigot" or "homophobe," which completely avoids the real issue. We restrain every other emotion for the sake of others. We control our anger, our jealousy, our covetousness, or even our appetites for junk food, but ask people to restrain their sexual lust for more appropriate, more healthy, contexts, and people begin to foam at the mouth. Lust destroys love, and love between a man and a woman is a powerful emotional experience that is in most people completely devoid of lust. When love is the foundation for marriage, the health and intensity of the sexual experience is enhanced by the context of love acknowledged in a lifelong commitment. Instead we have exchanged love for lust and the result has been the increase of mental illness to the extent that 1 in every 5 adults in the U.S. take psychiatric medications. Over 54 million babies have been murdered by abortionists. More money is spent on pornography than national defense, while marriages are deteriorating at an alarming rate. Children are being raised in single parent homes, schools are failing, sex slavery and trafficking is burgeoning around the globe, and yet we still insist that there is no harm in lust. Now gays want to force business owners to participate in their attempts to make lust a civil right, just as they want to force their perversion on children in the public schools.

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Posted by Chris Cecil on 02/24/2014 at 7:48 AM

Re: “The Week (At the Arizona Capitol): Feb. 17-21

We have now created a culture of lust in which lust has been exalted to almost religious status in that any suggestion of self-restraint is met with epithets like "homophobe," "bigot," "prude," "right-wing nut job," etc. The politicization of language, which is really the perversion of language, has brought us to the debauched idea that sexual lust, in all of its manifestations, is a civil right and must be protected at all costs. The result has been that mental illness is now plague on the nation, where 1 in every 5 adults now take psychiatric medication. Gender confusion and homosexuality are increasing, more money is spent on pornography than on military defense, women are being brought into sexual slavery and trafficking at alarming rates, marriages are failing faster and in greater numbers than ever before, infanticide has been euphemistically re-cast as a woman's right to choose, many more children are being raised in single parent homes, schools, which have been drastically dumbed down, are still failing, boys are being feminized and are facing even more academic jeopardy than girls, and the list goes on. Nobody finds it strange that we should control our anger, our jealousy, and God forbid that we would give free reign to our appetites for junk food, but any restraint put on lust is distinctly verboten! Freudians somehow convinced us that sexual restraint is sexual repression and not good for us, ideas of which have been made a compete mockery by our social and civil milieu. When I was growing up, people controlled their lust for the sake of others, knowing that our lusts can and will destroy us. Men and women also knew that the marriage bed insured the most satisfying, most long lasting sexual fulfillment and provided a strong foundation for a healthy nation. We were less impulsive and were wise enough to take the long view of things rather than the titillation of the moment. Now we behave like animals who can no longer think but live to satisfy our most base desires whenever and however we damned well please. So when Arizonans decide that they no longer want to participate in the deterioration of our country, they are viewed with hatred and disdain.

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Posted by Chris Cecil on 02/22/2014 at 10:54 AM

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