Charlie's Angels Full Throttle

Rated NR

It’s totally implausible, highly degrading, overtly sexually gratuitous, painstakingly predictable, campy, ridiculous and far-fetched with an arbitrary plot—all of which make this sequel pure movie-going fun. Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore reprise their scantily clad crime-fighting roles as the toned-and-tanned trio who combat bad people using Matrix-style physics in order to retrieve two titanium rings that apparently have really cool powers. While entering dirt bike races and becoming stripping Rockettes, the heavenly heroes come face-to-face with a fallen angel, played by Demi Moore—who must have spent her six-year hiatus from Hollywood perfecting the sensual jog and jiggle in a bikini. The angels look good, talk hard and move fast so director McG should make this film franchise into a trilogy.

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