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Re: “Downing

Why is there such a thing as deep water drilling? Isn't that like building homes in a swamp... A matter of time before something very bad happens then you have to fix it.. In 5,000 feet of water.. STUPID...So, why are they there? I think we know why they are there. IDIOTS insisted that rigs be built out of sight... Well, if this rig were built in 100 feet of water do you think this would be a problem? Hell, why do we need any offshore drilling when we have PLENTY of oil in Anwar and elsewhere on land where this is guaranteed to never happen?.. Libs, environmentalists, elite wealthy republicans AND democrats who want a good view of their yachts are the reason for this mess.. Common sense is ALWAYS lacking when the government is involved.... Move ALL of our rigs to 100 feet or less NOW... This will happen again and there is no good reason.. Drill on land wherever we find oil.. Common sense..

Posted by Camden6210 on 06/24/2010 at 7:30 AM

Re: “Slick Politics

Hey, the real reason this disaster is happening is environmentalists making it mandatory to drill so far offshore.. STUPID!.. If it were in 100 feet of water it would have been handled on day 1.. go to Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba.. they drill in shallow, close water.. they have accidents ALL the time.. We are trying to fix this in conditions that are ridiculous.. BP should be strung up but the regulations are stupid.. We shouldn't even be drilling in the ocean at all but if we are it should be in shallow, workable water.. 5,000 feet!.. insane.... drill on land wherever oil is and this isn't an issue... Vietnam, China, Cuba and others drill in the Gulf and they are destined for a similar disaster.. I hope the left and libs remember to chastise and act against their comrades like they do against Americans...

Posted by Camden6210 on 06/05/2010 at 2:02 PM

Re: “The Skinny

Rage cancelled? Oh no! was sort of cool in the 90's... Who f'ing cares what brainiac musicians think? God, I can think of no greater gift to Arizona than lefty, lib, moronic musicians boycotting Arizona... Thank you so much!.. Stay out of our racist state..PLEASE!.. My kids can be saved from the trash these scumbags spew which is a surprising and wonderful addition to sb1070... lol.... Why would anyone care?

Posted by Camden6210 on 06/05/2010 at 1:54 PM

Re: “The Skinny

The zombies of Tucson will vote in the tards that run this city.. Why does being an incumbent, republican or democrat, automatically mean you will win 90% of the time? The REPUBLICAN mayor is TERRIBLE and he leads a group of nit wits that suddenly are business friendly just in time for an election.. perfect.. None of these geniuses have ever run their own businesses or been successful by any reasonable standard at anything..Trasoff? God, she is a mess! Her ward looks like Lebanon... Do voters have eyeballs? The second you cross OUT of Tucsons limits things improve dramatically! Our city is ugly, broke, and lacking a clear plan and leadership...The mayor and the entire council could be replaced by ANY five people picked at random at the next showing of This Is It and do at least as "well"...Weekly and Star, please stop shilling for the dems just because of the letter next to their names...They are not capable...

Posted by Camden6210 on 11/01/2009 at 8:48 PM

Re: “Who's The Liar?

The extreme right HAVE health care.. Sorry... Why would they want to pay for people who chose to not have it or people who are not Americans? Why would anyone who has something they like and pay for want to change? It is not governments job constitutionally to provide health care.. This whole thing is bizarre.. Fix the medical mess using the current system.. Get the damn attorneys OUT first of all! Tort reform for Gods sake!Caps on punitive payments is critical. Put out the raging fire in the current system and see what things cost.. Then, ban medical care for ALL NON US citizens including a ban on allowing babies born here to be US Citizens.. Also, bring in the medical insurers and read them the riot act. Increase fines and jail time for insurers abusing patient rights.. The money saved would pay for the whole mess.. The government is TERRIBLE at running everything! Who can't admit that? Even the libs here must agree on that. Something must be done now but government run health care will be a colossal disaster and is financially unsustainable.. It won't work.. Neither will the current system.. We can agree on that.. 46 million uninsured include only 12 million who truly can't afford health care. The rest are illegally here or chose to have a big screen over insurance.. Why do a massive overhaul for 5% of the population? Silly and terrible money management.. Step back and think.. We can't save everyone! I fired half my staff and made the others become their own corporations to avoid any problems requiring me to provide health care.. simple fix.. I write checks to the companies my former "employees" now And if they crack down on that I will fire the companies.. See, I am not paying for what I don't want to pay for.. And shouldn't be forced to.. We aren't Cuba yet are we? Those who create jobs, innovate, work hard, and pay taxes deserve better than a bigger tax bill and abuse.. When WE stop creating jobs and working hard who will?

Posted by Camden6210 on 09/11/2009 at 4:43 PM

Re: “The Skinny

I think it is cool and a good idea for EVERY president to address our school children.. I think it should be a requirement in fact to have this speech once in fall and once in spring.. I am sure the kids were impressed that the President was speaking to them.. As long as it is a general "pep talk" with ZERO political stuff.. none of the green, health care, ..... Then it is a very good thing.. I am quite sure Jim would have been just as supportive of President George W. Bush giving a pep talk speech. Right Jim?.. I am sure you will get the chance to support a conservative, republican president someday soon when he gives his school pep talk.. I wonder how that will be received at the Weekly and by libs.. Won't that be exciting? Just as exciting as President Obamas speech? It should be as it is the President..Right? We ALL know the truth.. Admit it.. You won't admit how much the opposite of Obama giving that speech would irk you.. but it would.. Had McCain won and done this the libs would be insanely angry.. It is the libs turn to play big shot.
libs and dems won and to the victor comes the holy high ground and the right to look down on the peasants...It is a game and that is all.. Quit the holier than thou approach Jim. If the shoe were on the other foot, you and libs would be pissed.. Might be Sara Palin in 2013 talking to the kids. Won't that be exciting for you and the kids?

Posted by Camden6210 on 09/11/2009 at 4:25 PM

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