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Re: “Grijalva: DHS Head Nielson Must Go

The general incompetent direction and policy changes being made by the Trump administration have been fraught with a lack of understanding of how to make America great in the first place. We have had shining moments as a nation and made dastardly errors too. But we must realize than no one gets it right all the time -- BUT must continually strive to attain some lofty ideals. More energy needs to be spent on improvement instead of generating excuses, cover-ups and recreating past actions and ideas that warp our goals and sense of justice.

While I agree with Congressman Grijalva on many things - seeking resignations of officials and allowing an administration to put an issue to bed while "reorganizing" is ineffective. It must be realized that this administration has a habit of appointing new people who only make things worse -- or claim ignorance of any problem and want "time to investigate." I feel, however, making them judicially accountable and penalizing those individuals responsible is a good way to make things happen.

AND, then, if the president pardons the corrupt and incompetent, that record of of uncaring, inhumane and disconnected from reality should be heralded long and loud as the work of preparing to win a competent administration through legal election is being accomplished.

Also- I do quibble and object with the ad-hominem attacks on Congressman Giijalva and his heritage as the type of thinking that cultivates racism, unthinking knee-jerk disregard for human needs and an abdication of the use of intellect in approaching the real problems of life.

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Posted by C. H. Mara on 08/06/2018 at 5:14 PM

Re: “Claytoon of the Day: American Beaches

Those who admire this "agreement" with North Korea have not remembered the records and film clips of Neville Chamberlain stepping off a pre-WWII airplane in Great Britain, waving a piece of paper (agreement) signed with with Herr Hitler, clearly saying "Peace in our time......"

Trump's ability to spread his words, no matter how misguided, is terrifyingly magnificent and stupendously transparent as propaganda.

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Posted by C. H. Mara on 06/14/2018 at 3:31 PM

Re: “The Education of Bill Gates

"The Burden of Poverty." The phrase is in many ways correct, but is far short of defining the burden to be lifted. If the burden were straw, which straw was it that broke the camel's back?

In discussion with my son, now a professor at an eastern university, he pointed to differences in how, in or close to poverty, my three sons were raised, equating the acquisition of cash and raise in economic status, to how each was educated. All have different and useful adult lives, but getting there was not easy, and HOW their public education system schooling was accepted was directly proportional to family time invested in learning and the attitudes toward teaching at home.

I do not mean home education -- but how we viewed, aided and added to the teaching presented in public schools while at home. For my PhD son before school age, he daily was read to and was basically reading a-systematically when he got to school. Time was well spent at home with my wife not working. We had little furniture, ate regularly and made bills, but little else.

By the time my second son arrived wifey had a part-time job and only read to the boys on occasion, but second son's brilliance let him pick up and surpass reading expectations well beyond even gifted program expectations. By the time third son arrived my spouse and I were working full time and reading to the kids at home stopped, as did follow-up to public education at home in uncoordinated off hours. Third son was not reading up to snuff until 8th grade.

Their later life careers are, to me at least, evidence of the burden of poverty being lack of time and skill in how family adults MUST add to the picture of how a complete education is obtained. This is not a call for a one parent working home -- but a realization that means need to be met in aiding HOW adults in family settings can support and augment what is going on in pubic schools in addition to increasing their economic standing.

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Posted by C. H. Mara on 02/19/2018 at 1:10 PM

Re: “Rugrat Referendum

The goal may be correct in giving the best to all children, but the methods proposed for funding, and therefore governance, are flawed.

If the money is raised by the city and and council appoints the committee, partisanship will soon raise its local, very ugly head. The local funds for education are raised by school districts, but those do not have the mandate to use sales taxes which are usually reserved for municipal needs like fire, police, roads and similar infrastructure programs including garbabge collection.

Third, there seem to be, in this report of the proposed move, no clear way of regulating the pre-school curriculum, way to reserve funds from mixing church and state, and clear definition of education as opposed to babysitting with crayons present.

IT IS AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME -- BUT the method needs to be fairly developed, tested and open to change that will benefit the children and the testable for result.

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Posted by C. H. Mara on 10/12/2017 at 6:45 PM

Re: “Grijalva Arrested Protesting Trump's Immigration Policies

Raul Grijalva is a man of principle. Those who vilify him apparently do not understand that the American Revolution and its resulting Constitution and later the Bill of Rights were reactions against government that was inhumane and no at all considerate of human values and their protections.

Is it disorderly conduct to participate in a demonstration against government policy? No. Is is "Disorderly Conduct" to disrupt traffic by sitting down in a road and hold a sign. Where does free expression and "order" intersect is a question for the courts based on a case to case basis in many instances.

I, as a newly cognoscente democrat, dropping my Republican affiliation a few years back, do not agree with Raul all the time, but admire the direction in which he leads. Staying aware of our freedoms and the direction in which the Trump Republicans would lead often needs to be highlighted with action.. Which action and participation is an individual choice and this action on his part shows he is both compassionate, and hints he is aware of what appears to be a major breach of the emoluments clause of the Consitution.

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Posted by C. H. Mara on 09/21/2017 at 5:15 PM

Re: “The New Teacher Certification Rules: Is Everyone Else Wrong, or Am I?

This is a boon to private religioous schools who now can claim publ;ic vouchers for tuition.

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Posted by C. H. Mara on 05/17/2017 at 5:25 PM

Re: “Ladies and Gents, I Give You: Republican [Junk] Science. (Or, Any Port in a Bill-Passing Storm)

I had made my living as a journalist and writer for many years before retirement - and was ONLY able to do it because my handwriting in cursive was not only left handed, but abominable. My printing by hand was readable, but was only for note keeping and was slow to record.

I bemoan the fact I never learned the fluid cursive handwriting of my parents and piers -- as it did change my thought process to less flowing and rhythmical. The poetry of the written word was lost to me.

My unrepentantly unqualified thought is that children should be taught cursive -- but mindfully teachers must be aware of problems of left-handedness, dyslexia and hand eye coordination interfering with the process and for some -- render the use of cursive a non-gradable skill.

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Posted by C. H. Mara on 03/30/2016 at 12:40 PM

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