Busload of Poets

Rated NR

It's hard to imagine what could be more horrifying than being trapped on a bus full of poets, and this is exactly the task that filmmaker and poet Gary Mex Glazner set for himself. Busload of Poets documents the Poetry Slam tour, wherein over 100 poets gathered and traveled, reciting their poems for anyone who'd come listen. While much of the poetry wouldn't work well in written form, a lot of it comes alive due to the force of the poets performances. The highlight of the film is the Haiku competition, which features such gems as "If brevity is/the soul of wit you’re not as/funny as your dick," and my favorite Haiku ever, "A B C D E/F G H I J K L/M N O P Q." While the next James Merrill may not have been on the bus, and there is a good bit of what could charitably be called "God-awful doggerel," there are also some fine moments, and some really well delivered pieces that gain force through the highly rehearsed and thoughtfully produced readings.

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