Bruce Almighty

Rated NR

Would a benevolent God start a movie with a scene of a man picking his nose? Indeed not! This film is proof that the fluffy, lovey-dovey, "hey, it’s cool dude" God of the New Testament does not exist. Rather, the violent, irritable, hasn’t-had-his-coffee-yet God of the Old Testament must be the real one, up in the sky, demanding that Jim Carrey make more fart-joke movies. In Bruce Almighty, Jim Carrey finally plays the part he’s always assumed he deserved: He gets to be God for a month. Using the powers of the almighty to enhance his wife’s breasts, destroy his enemies and bring meteors down from the sky, he pretty much lives up to the worst stuff in Genesis and Deuteronomy. Then the real God, played by Morgan Freeman, who actually is God in the real world, tells Carrey that the movie is over, and Carrey begs for another big payday, and God gives him a five-picture, $150 million development deal, and then goes to his villa in Malibu to party with Bob Evans and some coke whores, just like in the old days.

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