Brown Sugar

Rated NR

It begins with potential: quick and clever clips in a documentary round-robin style where hip-hop artists of past and present reminisce about what enticed them into this particular music genre. But this introduction must have taken all of director Rick Famuyiwa’s energy since the rest of the film drags its feet from a watered-down analogy of the life of hip hop to the trite relationship between old time friends: an acclaimed music critic (Sanaa Lantham) and a head honcho of a music production company (Taye Diggs). Even though the music man was recently married to a straight-laced prima donna who is ignorant of everything hip hop, he still carries a secret love with his childhood friend who has re-entered his life after several years apart. Cue Yawn and cut to Nod Off. So, in order to stay awake through this insomniac’s wet dream, here’s a word to the wise: Occupy your mind by trying to figure out why Digg’s character married a woman he hardly knows and shares no common interests instead of walking down the isle with his true love. Also, why did he and his secret flame split up in the first place? Actually, better yet, spare yourself the 108 minutes of unanswerable questions and stay home.

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