Brotherhood of the Wolf

Rated NR

While I suppose it's not unusual to see a movie about two adventurers who are buddies and come from different races and cultures and who use their special kung fu powers to fight against a giant killer wolf and a cabal of evil papists and beautiful, papally-sanctioned, lingerie-clad, prostitute-assassins, it is odd for such a film to be French. So, for the sheer strangeness of seeing the French make an American-style movie, it might be worth going to see Brotherhood of the Wolf. Also, as Brotherhood well illustrates, the one thing that the French do much better than the Americans while making junky movies is throw in a lot of nudity, so perhaps there's still something to be gleaned from what the French call "French culture" and what we like to call "soft-core porn." Not surprisingly, shortly after Brotherhood of the Wolf was released in France, a survey in the French cinema magazine Le Film Français showed that 80 percent of French filmgoers thought that French films were much better lately than they had been in the past two decades, a historical period notable in French cinema for its almost complete lack of giant, killer wolf-monsters.

Film Credits

Director: Christophe Gans

Cast: Vincent Cassel, Emilie Dequenne and Monica Bellucci

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