Bringing Down the House

Rated NR

Yo, yo what’s crackin’, G? Check this: Like my homegirl Queen Latifah, right, gets her cheese on with her legit street cred that is off the hook as she fronts as a trumped ex-con that busted out of the joint to jive this white boy into clearing her name. When this African-American young lady surprisingly confronts him, a humbled tax attorney (played by Steve Martin) reluctantly compromises his straight-and-narrow reputation much to his dismay. The entire supporting cast of bigots is even more surprised by the sight of a black woman in their uptown white-collar world since she belongs in the bathroom scrubbing toilets, out in the fields picking cotton or back in jail for any reason whatsoever. This incredibly offensive and racist script went through several drafts in an attempt to tone down the incredibly offensive and racist content, but unfortunately we’re still left with incredibly offensive and racist garbage that will bring down the house with a resonating thud.

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