Box Elder

Rated NR

A fairly standard college comedy with some fart references, a guy who gets sad when his girl dumps him, sandwich-eating and a general dearth of laughs. The film starts in during the sophomore year, when the four generic heroes discover their love of dude-hood. Then, in what I think is the film’s best moment, the entire junior year is covered in one short scene in a sandwich shop. From there, it’s more dudeness and bong-osity and self-stimulation and, mostly, just guys having seemingly random and pointless conversations about “fucking girls” and Pearl Jam and then there’s some dated indie rock and I don’t know. I suppose if you’ve just had your sixth beer and you’re in college and you like sandwiches, you’ll probably enjoy this. It does have some well-done cinematography, which is pretty impressive for its low budget, so I think cinematographer J. Rockwell Seebach will be able to stake out a career in films. Todd Sklar, who directed the film and wrote the derivative, largely laugh-free script, will probably become a superstar.

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