Boat Trip

Rated NR

Insulting, offensive, stereotypical, tasteless and narrow-minded are just a few adjectives that instantly come to mind when describing this cinematic refuse by rookie writer/director Mort Nathan, who should go down with his ship. Cuba Gooding, Jr. has taken a turn for the worse after his Oscar performance to star in the super silly Snow Dogs and now in this gay-bashing garbage as a shallow and chauvinistic bachelor stuck on a gay cruise with his slimy sex-addicted sidekick. Coarse characters aside, the homosexual love boat is a crude caricature of queer lifestyle with its penis-shaped ice sculptures, chest-waxing seminars, Gloria Gaynor anthem and an overwhelming sex, sex, sex mentality where everyone only thinks about, talks about and has sex. Without needing to get into the Swedish tanning competition involving gratuitous eye candy, the oral sex lesson with a banana and the ever effective "oops" response after shooting down a helicopter using a flare gun, do NOT even consider taking a trip on this boat.

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