Blue Car

Rated NR

This excessively hopeless and depressing film runs the ideally dysfunctional family through the blender. Agnes Bruckner plays a neglected and burdened 18-year-old girl with a gift for poetry. She acts as the mother to her psychologically disturbed younger sister—with self-mutilation tendencies—since the actual matriarch is self-absorbed in her own hectic lifestyle, and the patriarch sped off in his blue car and left his family behind in the dust. Supposed solace comes when an English teacher becomes a mentor and father figure to the talented poet by enrolling her in a writing contest—but his real intention is to manipulate the naïve teen with his pathetic lust. Karen Moncrieff wrote and directed this 100-minute ad for Prozac that will make you want to speed away in a car of your own, regardless of its color.

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