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Blow had one of the best trailers I'd seen in years: stylish, fast paced, featuring Johnny Depp's beautiful face and arresting imagery of piles of money and cocaine. Well, in brief, you might want to wait for Blow to come out on video, and then just rent the trailer. It's your basic life-of-crime-doesn't-pay story, with Depp starring as real-life coke dealer George Jung. OK, so maybe crime doesn't always pay, but sometimes it pays, and when it does, it pays big, man! Look at Stalin or Clinton or Bush! These guys had it made! I just wish someone would make a movie about a drug deal gone right, after which the dealers walk off into the sunset richer and happier than all their loser friends who went into accounting or veterinary medicine. You know, so the kids will understand what life's all about.

Film Credits

Director: Ted Demme

Cast: Johnny Depp and Penélope Cruz

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