Blood and Chocolate

Rated NR

Blood and Chocolate has roughly the same plot as Underworld, though with werewolves instead of vampires. It’s also exactly the kind of movie studios dump into theaters in “dog season,” the period between January and May when the Oscar films are already out of the gate and the summer blockbusters aren’t yet ready to go. All the dialogue is explanation, all the action sequences seem to be cribbed from other movies (it even has a set of parkour scenes, which is now the official action movie cliché of 2006), and there’s no big-name stars to give it any automatic box office draw. What it does have is a mopey-goth teen romance (it’s based on a young-adult novel), some bland but pretty leads, and a lot of werewolves. If it had a big star, it would probably make some bank, but as it stands there’s nothing particular to recommend it, and it unfortunately fails to be bad in a funny way. I guess it’s mildly dull, if that’s your thing, so you know, if you’re looking for a mildly dull werewolf movie with pretty post-teen leads and lots of expository dialogue, go ahead and see Blood and Chocolate. It’s not like you’d be giving money to Hitler.

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