Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary

Rated NR

This movie is essentially a single shot of a woman talking for 90 minutes. Oh, occasionally she’s listening to a tape of herself talking. But other than that, it’s just her talking. It’s also one of the most compelling documentaries I’ve ever seen, and one I couldn’t turn away from. That’s because the woman in question, the only person you see in the entire film, is Traudl Junge, who served as Adolph Hitler’s personal secretary during the last two years of World War II. Having stayed with Hitler from the middle of the war to the day he shot himself, Junge presents first-hand information about the kind of man who would do the sort of things that would turn him from a person into a metaphor for evil. Through Junge’s remembrances, Hitler turns back into a person, which makes him seem scarier, and his actions far more tragic than any caricatured presentation ever could.

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