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Re: “The Strike Is On: Arizona Teachers Prepared for Walkout Next Week

You signed a contract for a year honor it. To hurt the kids at this critical time is not unlike a terrorist action. I saw a bumper sticker on a young woman's car saying "Our kids deserve better!" I say how does your getting more money help our kids. The answer to that question is the key to understanding what is happening. The fact is more money to the teachers in place does nothing for the children, that is just for the terrorists holding the children hostage, more money for teachers can help by drawing a better class of educators into the profession, but you do not make an existing educator better with more money, anyone who says they will teach better with a raise and honor their contract where they already pledged their best, should be fired immediately!

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Posted by Bill Heath on 04/23/2018 at 8:47 AM

Re: “Danehy

Graffiti is not a historical cultural display of any people. It is not art, it is a form of communication, a primitive one. My belief is that graffiti has a closer relationship with terrorism than with art. Why? The message it sends is most often a threat, or a will to intimidate or incite, free speech? OK but you cannot use other peoples property for your message and if your message is to claim territory or to incite violence or send a threat, that needs to be punished as terrorism.

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Posted by Bill Heath on 05/21/2015 at 9:15 AM

Re: “The Soft (and Not-So-Soft) Bigotry of High Stakes Testing

You would think that after the Democrats being 7-years in power that "journalists would have dropped "Bush" in their subject lines! The man in the mirror owns most of our problems instead we blame away responsibility, that is where we have been led too and that is so 2015, blaming others! You Democrats have built that!

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Posted by Bill Heath on 05/13/2015 at 10:00 AM

Re: “Opinion

Like I have written before, in 2008 our President promised America he would be a President for the people. He lied. He was given the House and the Senate or absolute power and we all know that absolute power corrupts absolutely. He didn't need to be bipartisan so he locked out 50% of Americans political voices and went on this “Mr. Toads Wild Ride” of liberalism.

President Obama didn't fix Black problems in America, he didn't even try, he didn’t fix our immigration problem, and again he didn't even try. What did we get? A Health Care Tax that was unread and passed by the Democrats without one Republican vote, not one Republican was even allowed to take part in the discussion and design of the tax! Those locked out Republican voices represented 50% of America and they were locked out by the Democrats in such important debate, our voices were unheard, the absolute power the Democrats had was corrupting them. Could this “absolute” power be used for good? Of course but undeniably it was not used for such by the Democrats.

2010 is when I personally started to awaken, until then I was irate that Bush had been maligned so badly by our media, who seemed to be in the pocket of those Democrats who wielded absolute power, gosh it seemed like the media was handed what to say about the Republicans directly by the Democrats! News that just simply was designed to brainwash America with lies and distortions for political reasons. What was reported often just simply was false and no one seemed to care. I did care and I started getting ugly because it seemed no one else was doing anything, I have NO apologies for my tone and because of it and millions like me the Republicans won the House back in 2010. That victory gave those 50% of America’s locked out voices some representation, yet the Obama Democrats refused to recognize their absolute power days were over and continued to behave like they still had absolute power, this created gridlock in our Government. The Democrats didn’t control the House but they controlled the media, so they stayed the course of their far left agenda, refusing still to listen to 50% of America’s voices. The House did what it could while the media portrayed them as obstructionist and the Party of NO. They dug in, they gave the Senate an immigration Bill, Energy Bills, you name it, but the Democrat controlled Senate headed by Harry Reid simply put those 50% of Americas voices represented by those Bills under a rock on his desk NEVER to reach the Senate floor for discussion, all while the media reported that the Republican House was doing nothing! Shame! Ironically the Democrats claimed that this vote of the People in 2010 that stripped the Democrats of absolute power was not a mandate, it was a mistake by confused voters they told themselves, so they instead of becoming bipartisan, the Obama Democrats stayed the corrupt course they were on and began blaming the Republicans using their media minions, as being obstructionist.

2012 America was under the influence of a Media who was telling them that the reason things were still bad in the USA was because of the Republican House and what little power they actually had was to blame. America then reelected a proven loser President Obama, a man who had an obvious disability when it came to leadership, he could see this “big picture” but he had no clue that a leader needs to lead to reach it, not just rule and HOPE for CHANGE. A man who should have been a one term President was given four more years by a public that was being lied to by our media. There was only HOPE for CHANGE no plan, no vision, no leadership to get there, HOPE and HOPE makes for some pretty thin soup to feed a population hungry for opportunity! With 97% of the Black vote and 76% of the Hispanic vote, a smattering of White votes bamboozled by a misleading media and the traditional mark the D Democrats, President Obama got a second chance!

2014 by now most living and breathing American voters have seen through the media lies, so much so the media itself had begun to be less supportive of the President. They began to tell the truth, selectively that is but the truth was starting to be seen and heard. We witnessed the failures of this Administration in the Middle East, with the Russians, the environment, energy. As a note I have at this point since 2010 been very actively ugly, screaming the truth asking for America to awaken out of this apathetic trance we seemed to be in, wake up was my theme! As I shouted the race baiters have divided America into groups, all who are supposed to put skin color and personal needs before being an American, shame on anyone for doing so. We are a ship coming apart at the seams, my America; our America is being dismantled by the most corrupt group of politicians in my lifetime. Cronyism rampant, cronies don’t care about party they just want to line their pockets. Alternative fuel scams, environmental scams, took the place of America being a producer of goods and services, picks and shovels replaced with pencils making up numbers and selling them. A producer of goods and services replaced by hot air and card tricks, to be honest this has always gone on but not as our mainstay economy. Cronyism, lies, media manipulation has never in my lifetime had such a large influence on an Administration and to be honest I just might have been like the others and turned a blind eye to what was going on if I had been invited to the party but 50% of America was not and we suffered and I spoke out because it was in my best interest to do so, I am not making claim that I did so because I am a Patriot.

In closing the election results we see today like in 2010, IS A MANDATE! A message to the Democrats who have to date refused to negotiate, to be bipartisan, in favor of a United America, not a divided America. You hear Biden now talking like we are all good buddies, let’s let bygones be bygones! I say OK let us watch what our President does with the 350+ Bills written by the House that the Presidents man Harry Reid has on his desk under a rock, shovel ready Bill’s, the work of the Republican House Mitch McConnell will bring to the President. Let us watch President Obama and see if he will listen to the voice of America and get some things done. God knows we need to get busy and clean up this mess our President and the Democrats have built!

William Robert Heath Sr.
Tucson, AZ

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Posted by Bill Heath on 11/06/2014 at 12:01 PM

Re: “Tonight: Red Medicine and Our Sacred Maiz is Our Mother

The Spanish imported Black slaves to the New world at a rate 12 to 1 when compared to the North White Colonies, do you know that? The Mexicans drove out the Spanish who had raped and pillaged the native peoples, then proceeded to do the very same, as they had bounties on the Natives of the South West! Bounties for the scalps of native men, women, children and babies! MECHA pushes a myth AZTLAN (and has a charter calling for the removal of all non-brown people from AZTLAN) a myth I claim because the Mexicans only controlled the Southwest for less than 50-years before being defeated in war by the American Army or liberators, who then even though they won the war paid Mexico for "their" lost territories. Let's review the Spanish stole the land in the South West and sent the treasures of the natives back to Europe to fund their Renaissance, the Mexicans drove the Spanish out but continued the plundering and killing of the native peoples of the South West. The Americans then drove out the brutal Mexican Armies, bought the land and has now owned and controlled the land for over 150 years, three times the amount of time the Mexicans occupied the AZLAN. MeCHa is a KKK equivalent no one should be proud to be associated with, let alone invite to a public University anymore than the KKK should be welcomed! You can do it, I support your right to be racist but I cannot condone that racist group!

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Posted by Bill Heath on 10/30/2014 at 11:58 AM
Posted by Bill Heath on 10/30/2014 at 11:47 AM

Re: “Testing the Power of the NRA: Is There a Real Shift in Gun-Violence Politics?

Democrat voting areas have a 650% higher gun murder rate than Republican voting areas, why? The answer of that question holds the real solution, not just the same old kneejerk response of making another law. The Democrat voting areas have over 10,000 laws already they don't work. Gun show guns are 1.9% of the guns used in crime, but instead of 1.9% of our focus the Democrats are 100% focused on the "gun show loopholes" that have basically a statistical insignificant impact on the problem! This latest wave of gunophobia isn't doing something, it is doing the equivalent of nothing as it is the same old tact taken for political reasons that has zero impact on the real problem which is clearly why do the Democrat voting areas have 650% higher gun murder rates?

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Posted by Bill Heath on 05/30/2013 at 9:21 AM

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