Biggie & Tupac

Rated NR

If you have seen any of Nick Broomfield’s other movies, like Kurt and Courtney or Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam then you know the basic scene: Broomfield makes documentaries about his attempt at making documentaries. Strangely, this totally works and his films are entirely entertaining, if not completely informative. Biggie and Tupac is a bit of a departure, though, because instead of putting forward some insane theory, he actually digs in and finds real evidence about who killed these two rap greats. In terms of documentary value, this is probably his best film, though it’s a little less amusing than the over-the-top approach he used in earlier films. But there’s still lots of Broomfield on Broomfield, and lots of great interviews with the Biggie and Tupac’s friends and family, and, most impressively, with imprisoned rap mogul/gangster Suge Knight. A must-see for fans of rap, documentary, and/or Nick Broomfield’s self-obsession.

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