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The ideal salad should be a dynamic combination of food groups commingling on the plate with salad dressing that isn't an afterthought--or worse--from a bottle. Order the grilled mesquite honey barbecue chicken salad, and let the flavor Ferris wheel begin. The freshest of baby field greens (vegetables) are an apt audience for bite-sized chunks of white (meat) slathered with smoky barbecue sauce, crisp apple and juicy orange slices (fruit), a generous sprinkling of gorgonzola cheese (dairy) and spiced pecans (fats) drizzled with lusty Dijon mustard honey vinaigrette (fats). Then, it's garnished with waffled purple potato chips (starch) vertically arranged, so when the salad extraordinaire debuts at the table, you almost want to salute it. The only food group missing is chocolate.
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