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Teresa's Mosaic Café

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There are a lot of versions of huevos rancheros out there, even though it's such a simple dish—and some of those versions are pretty mediocre. But Teresa's Mosaic Café does it just right—with fried eggs, corn tortillas and a tomato-and-onion sauce that perfectly complements the other ingredients. Served with refried or black beans and fresh-made tortillas to sop up the yolks and juices, the dish will send you to breakfast heaven. This is big-time comfort food, the breakfast of champions and superheroes everywhere (like Kalimán!). Mosaic has some of the most beautiful tables in town, made of—you guessed it—glass-covered tile mosaics.

Runners up:

2. Frank's Restaurant

3843 E. Pima St.


3. Blue Willow

2616 N. Campbell Ave.


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