Best Hangover Breakfast

Red Pork Tamales and Fried Eggs

Staff Pick

Had a rough night? Stop by Poco & Moms, on Kolb just north of 22nd street, and order the red chili pork tamales and fried eggs. These are smoky, spicy, red chili pork-stuffed tamales, with creamy refried beans, cheese, enchilada sauce, topped with two perfectly sunny-side up eggs (actually eggs to order, but sunny-side up is where it's at). Put on some of their homemade salsa, mix it up, and have at it. Depending on how bad of shape you are in, you can dine in, order take out from the counter, or even pick up at the drive thru window. After a plate of this breakfast, you will be magically healed and ready for happy hour.

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